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Meet Kerry

I am Kerry Royce, I have been in the auto industry for over 36 years. With the time spent working in different positions, I have was always frustrated that I eat irregularly, most time take out or drive through. I loved wholesome food but who has the time to plan, drive to the store, shop, drive home, carry the groceries in, unpack, put everything away, cook the meal, find a container that you can transport to work with out spilling. Now the clean up…

The idea had formed, I would start a company that would provide low cost nutritional meals to auto workers. God directed me in a different starting position. I found many senior apartment facilities had a huge demand for this same food concept. I now deliver to 16 facilities, and growing, daily. Ranging from Oak Creek, South Milwaukee, West Allis, Oconomowoc and Waukesha and everywhere in between! This blessing now has gave me to opportunity to expand to serve you, the auto worker.

Daily deliveries will happen Monday – Friday before 11:30am.

Ordering quality food has never been easier. Locate the “Kerry’s Kitchen Kiosk”, a branded mini fridge, order clip board with daily order forms and a payment box. When you have decided what you would like to order, fill in your order on the proper day sheet. Each day (Business Day) a Kerry’s Kitchen representative will stop by BEFORE 11:30am to drop off meals and pick up next day’s orders and payments. Payments will be on the honor system, they should be made with cash or check (please make all checks out to KERRY’S KITCHEN) and placed in the payment box. That’s it, fast food and/or bologna sandwiches are a thing of the past! Eat healthier and save money, Enjoy!


I feel blessed that I will be able to see and serve everyone!. 


God Bless,

Kerry Royce

Kerry’s Kitchen  

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